Consultant Rheumatologist in Mumbai

Consultant Rheumatologist in Mumbai

A consultant Rheumatologist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating Arthritis and related conditions.

Helping diagnose your condition

Your Rheumatologist will arrange for you to have tests to find out more about your condition. These may include blood tests and x-rays.

If there are complex results from these tests your rheumatologist may discuss them with specialist colleagues.

Organizing treatments

Your Rheumatologist will recommend treatment programmes. This may include drug treatments, which they may help monitor or carry out.

Dr. Dipti Patel completed her MBBS from Nair Hospital, Mumbai. After successfully completing her internship for a year she left for the UK to pursue further qualifications. She has a total of more than 10 years combined experience in General medicine and Rheumatology in the UK and has now relocated to Mumbai, attached as a full-time Consultant rheumatologist in Mumbai at Wockhardt Hospitals.